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Since the Garry's Mod Wiki is so new, Google may not rank us at the top of the results for specific search criteria. Here are tips to be able to search easier on both wikis.

In-game integration[edit source]

We are currently working on an addon to allow you to do /wiki followed by a search term to open a link to the Wiki page for it.

Desktop solutions[edit source]

Desktop solutions include the creation of a custom search engine, letting you use the wiki's search bar in your browser, bookmarks or an extension. With the custom search engine, you can simply type "gm Physgun", and it will directly search on the wiki and find you the correct page.

If your browser is not listed, it may not natively support adding a new custom search engine. There may be third-party extensions that can do the job for you.

These solutions do work independently of the operating system.

Browsers[edit source]

  • Go to chrome://settings/ or click the three dots at the top right → Settings.
  • Search for "search engine" and select "manage search engines".
  • On the second section, "Other search providers", click on "Add".
  • Fill the template with the following:
    • Search Engine can be anything you'd like
    • Keyboard should be something short and sweet, such as "gm"
    • URL needs to be set to
From there, you can now type in "gm Secret Phrase" in your browser's URL bar to land directly on the requested page on the Garry's Mod Wiki.

  • Make sure you have the actual search bar (not URL bar) in Firefox, if you do not, follow these steps:
    • Click on the three bars at the right
    • Click on Options → Search → Add a Search Bar
  • When you have your search bar, navigate to the Garry's Mod Wiki.
  • On your search bar, you should see a magnifying glass with a + icon. Click that icon, and select "Add Garry's Mod Wiki"
  • You can now enter a search term, then click on the Garry's Mod Wiki icon before hitting enter.
  • For more options, select "Change Search Settings" at the bottom of the search menu.
  • If you wish to use the address bar as a search engine, go to the bottom of the list and find "Garry's Mod Wiki"
  • Make sure it is checked. Double click on the "keyword" section of the Garry's Mod Wiki, and enter a keyword, such as "gm". You can now type "gm Garry Newman" to search the Garry's Mod Wiki.
  • If you wish to make the new search engine by default via the search bar,
  • Select "Garry's Mod Wiki" in the dropdown for the Default Search Engine. You can now use the search bar as the Garry's Mod Wiki.

The easiest way to reach the wiki is to simply create a bookmark. In most modern browsers (even Internet Explorer), simply hit the star to add the wiki to your bookmarks. Move it to a convenient place (such as your bookmarks bar), and you now have a working quick wiki button. If you'd like to land on the search page, bookmark the following page: