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For the section of the Facepunch website, see Garry's Mod Wiki (Facepunch).

The Garry's Mod Wiki is the unofficial wiki based entirely on the sandbox game Garry's Mod and its many features. There are currently 187 articles and 42 files on the Garry's Mod Wiki, with 1,149 edits made to 743 pages in total. The wiki currently has 0 active users and 2 administrators.


Started on 13 February 2021 by ElijahPepe, the Garry's Mod Wiki's goal is to remain a vast, knowledgeable source for all things in Garry's Mod. As the site is a wiki, anybody can edit it, and all are encouraged to do so.

The Garry's Mod Wiki aims to be a competitor to all major Garry's Mod fansites. Guides to content, for example, can be made in under an hour, far ahead of other fansites. With more contributors, this goal can be easily achieved.

This wiki has grown quickly, gaining editors on a daily basis. It contains a guide to every update, NPC, and more.

How you can help

If you see anything that needs changing - change it! If you notice improper grammar, spelling errors, punctuation mistakes, inaccuracies, incompleteness or anything else that needs doing, hit the Edit button at the top of the page and correct it yourself. Feel free to also come and contribute to the various active discussions we have. The more opinions from the community we get, the better.

Other activities you can help out with include:

Other projects that need your help can be found at GarrysMod:Maintenance along with common maintenance tasks.

It's a good idea for users to register an account. This way, your IP address is hidden from public view, all your edits can be attributed to one account, and you can customize your userpage to your heart's content.

Check out our editing guides for more information on how to edit and what to help with, and don't be afraid to ask in our Discord server for any help.


  • 13 February – The Garry's Mod Wiki is founded

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